01 / About me

A musician and trained facilitator with extensive worldwide experience in multi-cultural settings and an ability to work effectively in challenging environments. I hold a particular interest in music and art’s role in cultural relations, education and communication, especially in areas of conflict.

Accessing and understanding cultures through their music / Facilitating meaningful engagement and the grounds for positive social change / Collaborating across art-forms and with unlikely elements / Pushing the boundaries of traditional composition / Creative and inclusive education / Providing a means of communications for marginalised individuals and communities
Rock'n'Roll soundtracks in the Middle East / Serious study on the edge of a Cypriot dam / Blues, hip-hop and rock bands in the UK / Sound Engineering Studies in London / A decade of worldwide music exploration / Home in Seville / A masters degree at the Guildhall
02 / Work
Way Out Studios. Freetown, Sierra Leone
UNISDR/Healthsongs International. Composition of theme and derivatives pack for Africa-wide convention on disaster risk reduction
Conservatorio Profesional de Musica. Seville, Spain. Composition and Improvisation workshops
Hofesh Shechter Company (Dance)
Zambia – Mariachimona Village Choir, Ndola
Aldeburgh Young Musicians. UK
Yoh Siew Toh Conservatory. Singapore. Orchestral composition and improvisation workshops


03 / Experience
Gamelan – Bali
Morocco – Gnawa
Zanzibar – Taarab
Argentina – Candombe/Tango/Chacarera
Sevilla – Flamenco
Guildhall Masters, Leadership
Salsa and Afro-Cuban
Mali – Groupe Agna and Tuareg
04/ Music

05 / Contact
James Wesley Adams
+44(0)7467 495 878